Crossing the Digital Gap

Computer Crafts Team

  • This activity has been suspended indefinitely. Additional information will be provided when it is available.

  • In our Computer Crafts Activity, our members have the opportunity to really have fun demonstrating their artistic talents and ideas to create useful items using our computers.

  • Clearly, you don’t have to know anything about computers to be part of the project – your ideas and opinions make you part of the team.

  • The sessions are held at our Center. You do not need to own or bring a computer, and there is no cost for attendance. Additional information, as needed, will be announced at our Thursday meetings. Be sure to look for this information and join us in this activity.

Saratoga Springs Public Library

Click here to see schedules, topics, and registration information for free computer training which is available on an on-going basis at the Saratoga Springs Public Library.


Some pictures of our classes

  • Andrea Simmons conducted the class on use of the Publisher Program on Lap top computers to create flyers. Our students are shown below.

Learning how to insert pictures
Picture taken by Neil kennedy


User Manuals

Ballston Area Seniors Cross The Digital Gap

President Bert Grandin cuts the Ribbon

Reprinted from the Ballston Journal March 7, 2015 By Ariana Quattrocchi)MILTON — A ribbon cutting ceremony at the Ballston Area Senior Center (BASC) held on Thursday, March 5, 2015 marks the culmination of a year’s work to cross the digital gap and bring our seniors into the 21st Century.

(From left to right) Andrea Simmons, Jason Miller, Jacob Goslin, Bill Goslin, Barbara Kerr, and Dan Lewza


Town of Ballston Councilman Bill Goslin, his son Jacob Goslin, Town of Milton Councilwoman Barbara Kerr, Town of Milton Supervisor Dan Lewza, Town of Milton Maintenance Supervisor Jason Miller and Village of Ballston Spa Director and Librarian, Andrea Simmons, were honored for the work they contributed to making the BASC’s dream of bringing technology into the Center a reality. Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers BASC now has a website, wifi, four computers, and on-going training to become computer and internet savvy. 

“And just wait until they Skype,” added Kerr who worked with the seniors to ensure Time Warner honored its contract that calls for every municipal building in Milton to have internet capability. ELFUN, a GE retiree group that rehabilitates older computers from GE, donated computers to the seniors. Currently BASC has received one desktop, a scanner, printer, portable projector and three laptops from ELFUN, with 12 more laptops expected in the near future, with little cost.

Town Supervisor Lewza also worked closely with Time Warner to negotiate town-wide contracts. Once all the wiring was in place the senior center’s Building and Grounds supervisor, honoree Jason Miller, rewired the entire system so it was ready to support the new capabilities.

And the Fun Begins …

WOW! Is it really this easy?



Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Thank you …

During most of 2014, Barbara Kerr, Town of Milton Councilwoman, has vigorously pursued installation of Internet Access at our senior meeting location at the Town of Milton Community Center. On December 3, 2014, at the Town of Milton Board Meeting, Barbara led a discussion on the installation. She also discussed the Ballston Area Seniors’ loss of a grant for funds to purchase computers, due in part, to the inability to provide a date for completion of Internet Access installation.

The Town Board, particularly, Town Supervisor, Dan Lewza, responded favorably. Dan has been a key figure in negotiating contracts with Time-Warner on Internet Access for the Town of Milton.

The next day, on December 4, 2014, at our seniors’ luncheon, Dan announced that Time-Warner had agreed to complete installation of Internet Access at our meeting location by the end of the year 2014. Dan also announced that funds would be made available to purchase computers for use at the Community Center.

Our heartfelt appreciation and thank you are extended to Barbara Kerr for her relentless efforts over the past many months to have Internet Access installed, and for highlighting the need for funds for purchase of computers. And to Dan Lewza for negotiating the installation of Internet Access with Time-Warner, and for making funds available to purchase computers.

Our sincere thanks is also extended to the Town of Milton Board for their overall continued support of our senior citizens.

And we are forever indebted to William (Bill) Goslin, Town of Ballston Councilman, and his son, Jacob ( a senior in high school at the time) , who, in one evening, on May 14, 2014, developed and launched, at no cost to our seniors, this Ballston Area Seniors website. We extend our sincere gratitude and thank you to you, Bill, and to you, Jacob. And we sincerely appreciate what you have done to help pave our way into the Digital World.